What Happened to the New World?

Big companies entering to gaming is expected. After all, we are talking about a multi-million dollar industry. The most prominent of these companies is without a doubt Amazon. Amazon owns Twitch and they have a significant presence in the gaming world. However, big companies creating video games is something else and Amazon does not have a good record in that regard. Crucible is one good example of that, the game was pulled out of Steam after some time due to problems and the size of the community. However, Amazon offered something else even before the release of Crucible. That was the MMORPG game that we all expected, New World.

New World

New World was supposed to be released in May 2020. However, Amazon decided to delay the release of the game. They put up a new date to August 2020. But once again the game was delayed to early 2021. But now they are talking about Spring 2021. This is understandable since the Covid-19 pandemic also delayed many games. Also, we need to keep in mind that World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion is coming sooner than expected and many players jumped to the Beta train already. So there is a possibility of Amazon not wanting to face the World of Warcraft as well. This also does not mean that Amazon is scared of other games they are still posting updates regarding the game and hopefully we will have a good game when it comes.

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Amazon New World
Amazon New World

Amazon decided to do a preview of the game on August 25th. The players were able to test the game and see the development with their own eyes. The game will be delayed for one year next spring which is a long time. There is a lot going on in the game. 50 v. 50 battles are possible now with the new updates and the combat is definitely looking more skill-based than most MMOs we have seen. The game’s combat system reminds Dark Souls which was the intention of the developers. The current PvP is regarded as fun but incomplete experience by the players. 

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Amazon New World
Amazon New World

We saw that the numbers for New World on Steam Preview reached 50K in a matter of days. This means that many players are hungry for a new MMORPG. The game’s crafting is system is very intricate and fun but we hope it won’t be too grindy. The crafting system is dependent upon your skill with each material. For example, the refinement of wood is different from refining metals. The needed materials are also somewhat more than other games. Even for cooking, you will need lots of ingredients. However, this makes the game economy strong it will be useful in the long run.

Amazon New World
Amazon New World

Players also need to choose factions at a certain level in the game. These three factions are the Marauders, the Syndicate, and the Covenant. Each with their own agenda These factions will try to control as much as they can in the world of Aeternum. Players need to understand that while you can opt-out of the PvP, eventually you will be dragged into it at some point. Controlling the Aeternum is whats important in the New World.

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