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When we are taking a look at the current situation in gaming we can see that many games are postponed to a later date. Most companies decided to cancel their operations until Covid-19 is over. However, MMO’s got hit even harder and one of these games was Ashes of Creation. Ashes of Creation is coming from Intrepid Studios. The game is a high fantasy game with an open world. The map is big enough 92km2. In Ashes of Creation, players decide their own path and their own worlds. This design is going to be unique with Ashes of Creation. After all, we all would like to play the game the way we want it to be. However, it might be challenging in some parts. Let us check the features of Ashes of Creation.

Ashes of Creation
Source: Intrepid Studios

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Ashes of Creation is offering a chance for players to create their own worlds with their node system. In this game, no player will share the same world view.  Interestingly every node can be destroyed by the player’s actions. This also means that you can get attacked in your node and lose everything you worked so hard to get it. The game’s combat system will be hybrid combat as well. The devs are very passionate about the game and they always communicate with their fans.

Source: Intrepid Studios

Players will be able to write their own stories. Quests are also different, some are time-based, some are available to certain characters or if you take a certain action a unique quest will be available to you. There will be different story arcs for each player and it will change with your actions. The game is offering something different from most MMOs, certainly and we hope that they can succeed on this matter. Players will be able to create their own persistent houses in the game world. These houses are going to be owned entirely by them. If you can afford it you can create a huge house or if you want a farm you can do that also. Guilds will be available in the game and they will play an active role in the massive world. In Ashes of Creation, players will be able to participate in Siege Battles through their guilds. This means that you will need to be in a guild in order to enjoy the game fully. 

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Ashes of Creation Gameplay

The developers had some issues in the past with their publisher and they recently parted ways with My.Games. Right now the developers decided to self publish the game around the world. However, we still do not have a release date for Ashes of Creation. We have seen the pre-alpha footage in 4K and it does look very promising. We are expecting the game to release either H2 2021 or H1 2022. Currently, they just passed the Alpha stage therefore there can be some issues with the development.

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