World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Upcoming Big Changes

World of Warcraft is definitely one of the biggest games in the market, let alone MMO’s. Blizzard achieved the unthinkable in 2004and it has been more than a decade since we landed at Azeroth. The first 5-6 years and until Cataclysm things were going very well but even during Cata we started to see some issues with the game. But today we remember the Cataclysm days as one of the good ones because what happened afterward was considerably worse. Especially, Battle for Azeroth was the worst expansion we have ever seen in a Blizzard game. World of Warcraft veterans knows that this next expansion will be a defining moment for World of Warcraft. We are expecting many changes within the game from head to toe. So let us check what Blizzard is offering to us.

Level Squish

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

Over the years we heard that this is coming, but this time it really is coming. Level squish is going to make the game easier for most and the game will be shorter in general. When level squish comes with Shadowlands, we will see level 120 characters drop down to level 50 and they will try to work their way up to max. level 60. There were several explanations for this from Bizzard, first of all, leveling takes a really long time, with more than a decade of content, leveling is longer than acceptable. Secondly, leveling does not give you satisfaction, after level 40 or so, until 120 it became so dull, most of us do not even pass level 90 on some chars because it became boring. 

New Player Experience

World of Warcraft

This is one of the most important features for World of Warcraft, but we believe they were a bit too late. The new players will go through some sort of tutorial between levels 1-10 in Exile’s Reach. This is where they will master their character. Let us be honest WoW needed this for a long time, an entire generation of players skipped WoW because it looked too complicated. Afterward, new players will be taken to Battle for Azeroth content between level 10-50 and after 50 it is Shadowlands content anyway. But if you are a veteran, Blizzard finally heard your call and you will be given a choice to choose your content from various expansions.

Class Changes

WoW gif

Now classes are making a come back. Over time talents became more and more important in the game without a doubt. Blizzard really pushed the boundaries of talents and the definitions between classes got lost. However, Blizzard announced that classes are making a comeback with the Shadowlands. Players will be able to use their talents after level 10. Spec restrictions will be off and some main class abilities will return. It really is going to be an interesting return after so many years. Over the years it became a math problem on what to choose, Blizzard is finally addressing this issue. Let us check the trailer.

World of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer

These are the 3 big changes coming with World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Blizzard is trying to address many problems within the game, we hope that this will be a turning point for the game. Honestly, the new expansion does look amazing as far as we can see. The only issue right now is the release date. Release date is a complete unknown since October is too soon, November Cyberpunk 2077 releases and in December we have the new consoles coming up. This is the reason why there is no release date for now. But the most plausible date is November release and December Raid by the looks of it.

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