World of Warcraft Level Squish Explained

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is coming soon and with it level squish. World of Warcraft is a game of veterans today it is hard to get new players when you explain to them there is 120 levels. Of course, Blizzard tried to solve this in the past but they were not successful. The golden days of MMORPG is not over like some say, however it is harder to keep young players without getting bored. The grind really is the number one factor that destroyed the MMORPG games. Especially if the grind is mixed with content that you do not enjoy, it becomes a burden. However, Blizzard is trying to solve this issue once and for all with Shadowlands. Today we are going to take a deep look into level squish.

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So we all know that World of Warcraft base game had a 60 level cap. However, after more than a decade the level cap increased gradually. Now we are sitting 120 and it is time to change things. So why is Blizzard making the change? The number one issue is the enjoyment from leveling is gone 120 levels and most of it is not rewarding at all. Therefore players are feeling unsatisfied. Secondly, the amount of story is too much, most players lose track of things with everything going on. There are events, side quests dungeons so after some time the main story becomes an issue. 

Image Source: Blizzard

What is changing with level squish? So first of all with the upcoming level squish, 120 level players will have their levels reset to 50. Shadowlands content will be available between levels 50 to 60. If you have a character below 120 it will be transformed according to a specific chart. Class changes are going to change the gameplay as well with level squish some of your talents will disappear and some will be replaced.

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However, maybe the biggest change will be the leveling speed. The leveling speed for new characters will be %70 faster between levels 1-50. This is insanely fast and therefore the story will be squeezed. The new players will be able to choose one of the expansion stories from the available content. The leveling speed is going to be one of the best changes in our opinion cause players will be able to max out more characters and it is more suitable for today’s age. The grinding will be kept to a minimum with these changes and it will feel much more satisfactory. Also flying will be affected by the changes. In Shadowlands players will be able to start flying in level 30. Also, Artisan Riding is removed from the game, so now we have 4 tiers of flying. 

World of Warcraft Shadowlands
Image Source: Blizzard

These changes are welcomed by players and we believe it might translate a new wave of players for WoW. World of Warcraft is one of the best MMORPG’s still, let us forget the catastrophe of Battle for Azeroth.

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