Heirloom Changes in Shadowlands

Trying out different characters in MMORPG games is the fun part of it. Just because we wanted to feel like a magician or a warrior we created alt-characters in many games. Of course, this is one of the unique parts of MMO games. However, the issue is the progress of those characters. Especially in WoW, people created alts for many purposes from using different professions to needed characters in a specific dungeon. But while the characters are necessary leveling was particularly hard. Blizzard tried to solve this issue by creating heirloom items. These heirloom items are different from normal items in the game, they are more expensive but it will help you while you are leveling. The new expansion Shadowlands will change many aspects of the game including Heirlooms let us check Blizzard’s post regarding the changes.

World of Warcraft

Leading into Shadowlands, the leveling experience will undertake a complete rehaul – the current max level 120 will be squished down to level 50, a new introductory excursion that will teach you the fundamentals of the new character that you created, and a new starting experience that will allow you to select an expansion to level through and experience its full story.

Image Source: Blizzard

Heirlooms and other experience gained bonuses were originally introduced as a quick fix for alts to not have to spend over 100 hours leveling. With the revamped leveling experience, you can look forward to reaching the new max level more than twice as fast than before. With the quicker leveling experience, the fundamental problem to the long leveling process has been solved and we found that the experience bonuses that come from Heirlooms were no longer necessary and instead, made the new leveling experience feel very awkward with the extra leveling speed.

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We want to ensure that players’ investment in these Heirlooms continues to offer unique benefits while leveling, so we’re planning to replace the experience bonus on Heirlooms with unique Heirloom set bonuses.
(2) Set: Rested experience consumed is reduced by 30%.
(3) Set: Increases your out-of-combat regeneration in the outdoors, normal dungeons and battlegrounds.
(4) Set: Gaining a level triggers Burst of Knowledge, dealing Holy damage to nearby enemies and granting you 40% primary stat for 2 minutes. Defeating additional enemies extends this effect, up to 2 additional minutes.
(6) Set: Rested experience consumed is reduced by an additional 30%.
The new set bonus can be obtained from all Heirloom pieces except weapons and trinkets. Please keep in mind that the new Heirloom set bonuses are a work in progress and may have additional changes during the course of development and testing.

World of Warcraft

There are a few other experience bonus items that will also see changes due to the new leveling experience. Monks Peak of Serenity  Enlightenment buff will be changed to granting rested experience and  Elixir of Ancient Knowledge,  Elixir of the Rapid Mind, and  Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning will become Poor quality and no longer usable. The  Draught of Ten Lands will still retain the 10% experience bonus but will now be capped at level 50.

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These changes were expected but this is a complete overhaul of the system and many players are happy with the proposed changes coming with Shadowlands. Shadowlands will be released in 2020 Q4 most likely.

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