Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Upgraded for PS5

The new generation of consoles is coming soon and many players are getting ready for the next generation of gaming. The new consoles are without a doubt much more powerful than their predecessors. Unlike the jump between PS3 to PS4 we will see a full transition between generations this time. Sony is playing a different game than Microsoft and Xbox. They will let the developers decide whether they want to upgrade their game or not. of course most of the games will do this upgrade especially the multiplayer games. But there are not a lot of MMO options for the PlayStation users. Elder Scrolls Online is one of the few options.

Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Launch Trailer

Unlike most MMO’s Elder Scrolls Online was built for PlayStation in mind along with PC. The game is one of the best MMOs in the market right now and it became a safe haven for World of Warcraft users after the Battle For Azeroth expansion. The last expansion drove players away to other MMO’s in the market. Elder Scrolls Online’s number one issue was the fact that the game came after Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This was both a curse and a blessing since many expected the game to be an online version of Skyrim. The UI was definitely similar but the gameplay was quite different. 

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Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda and Zenimax Online announced the game will get free upgrades with the upcoming consoles. On top of this, both games will be backward compatible. This is really good news for the players of the game. However, we do not know what will change with free upgrades. But we can expect better graphics and better performance from the game. One of the problems of Elder Scrolls Online is the server availability in other regions, but currently, there are no words on that front. Elder Scrolls Online is a safe choice for players and the game improved a lot over the years.

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

The last expansion Greymoor also allowed players to finally travel to Western Skyrim. Developers tried their best to give the players the Skyrim vibe. As we all know Skyrim is different from other regions in Tamriel, with its harsh cold weather and mountainous regions. We are expecting new additional content coming into the game with the new consoles as well, as most of the games will get new content in order to promote the game. The game had some performance upgrades in Cyrodiil for players to get better FPS in the region. A new expansion is coming as well.

Elder Scrolls Online

The newest expansion will be called Stonethorn and it will bring some changes into the game. Two dungeons called Stone Garden and Castle Thorn is coming with the update as well. Players will be fighting against Vampires in the upcoming LC. Homestead character pathing is also one of the upcoming changes with the new update. Elder Scrolls Online is definitely a game that you can put hundreds of hours without noticing. The game is perfected over the years for sure and it definitely deserves recognition, and the player numbers are showing this. 

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